Atoll Construction have specialised in the design, build, and refurbishment of superb swimming pools for over 40 years.
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You’ll need a partner who shares your passion for the project


When you decide to create the pool of your dreams, you’ll need a partner who shares your passion for the project. Most important are the skilled people who take the time to really listen to what you want, and who can offer and discuss a range of options available to you.

Our advice will cover all aspects of the build from siting the build in the best location—for the pool to fit seamlessly into your property—to how you’ll use and access your pool, and the space around it, with family and friends.

Each project needs to fulfil a wide range of specifications and budgets unique to you. We can help guide you through the huge range of options along with important advice on running costs and environmental considerations. We want an outcome you’ll be proud to show off, but that also fits in with your lifestyle and your surroundings.

Of course, we will need to look at the access required to fulfil the build, and we consider each piece of the puzzle before anything begins. In this way you will be given a clear vision of the project from the very start and know, before we lift that first piece of soil, every detail of the build. Plus we ensure you have full control over the budget.

We don’t leave things to chance. You’ll be confident that with our meaningful consultation and planning your dream will come true exactly as envisaged.


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