Atoll Construction have specialised in the design, build, and refurbishment of superb swimming pools for over 40 years.
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Each build is unique


A typical example of an install would cover:

  • Marking out the pool location and excavation of the site.
    You’ll get an idea now of how the pool will sit in to its surroundings.
  • Building the pool ‘shell’.
    Now the project really starts to come alive before your eyes.
  • Installing the plumbing and wiring required for your project from pool to plant room.
    The same level of attention is applied to all the ‘hidden’ elements too. It’s these parts of the build that ensure your pool lasts and performs for many, many years as you’d expect.
  • Installing the heating and filtration systems.
    Modern technology is complex, but our skilled team has over 40 years of experience in both domestic and commercial pools.
  • Installing lighting and finishing the pool shell with the finish chosen at the design stage.Now the pool really starts to look like you imagined it.
  • Finishing the pool surround with tiles, desking/paving your choice.At this point the excitement really builds, you can see how stunning your new pool really is. Just add water and friends…

Of course, each build is unique, perhaps we’ve reused an existing building to create your indoor pool, or you’ve ordered a pool with a counter-current system, or even a sliding enclosure. Whatever the choices, we’ll build it with care, passion and an eye for detail at each step.


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With over 40 years of outstanding experience in building both domestic and commercial pools there is really nothing we haven’t seen or built.

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