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Liner Pools

The most popular method of building a new swimming pool

Liner Pools

This style of pool, the liner pool, is the most popular method of building a new swimming pool. This method has walls typically constructed of concrete blockwork, then carefully lined with a traditional liner, it’s a tried and tested build method that work very well. However, more and more clients are now choosing the superior onsite lining system.

With the onsite lining system, a much thicker and higher quality material is used to line the pool. This thicker material is welded to the shape of the pool on the site. This creates a longer lifespan for the pool and also keeps the pool at a higher temperature through more effective insulation, and therefore provides an energy saving benefit too.

Further, these onsite welded liners are also hard wearing and available in non-slip and other textured finishes. We’d be happy to talk about the different options for your build and help you chose the system that’s right for you.

As a rough guide, liner pools range from £25,000 to £70,000 on average.

Whatever system you decide on, we’ll build it with the same passion and extremely high standards we apply to every single project we create. All our craftsmen are in-house, we use no sub-contractors, so you are assured of a high-quality job every time.


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