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Optional Extras

We help guide you through the whole process of realising your dream pool

Optional Extras

At Atoll Construction we help guide you through the whole process of realising your dream pool. And when planning your bespoke swimming pool, it is important to consider the many optional extras available to you to make your pool something unique and therefore deeply special to you.

Below are just a few ideas. We’ll help you decide what’s right for you in our initial consultation and also through the design stage.


Modern systems allow you to create everything from beautifully relaxing low level lighting, to stunning lighting effects, often all in the one system. Flexible and easy to use, these systems feature a massive range of colours and effects (from static to changing colours for example) that means you can competly change the look and the mood of the pool to match your mood.

At night your lighting can come alive and add a whole new dimension to an evening party, in or out of the pool…


Safety Covers

We would strongly recommend that your pool features a safety cover. These covers are not only for children and animals, but also for the safety of adults too. Like all aspects of your build, there are a large selection of options. We can give you the benefit of our experience in selecting just the right product for your needs—visually, easy of use, budget and safety.

In additional if you go for an automatic swimming pool cover, these provide simplicity of use (as simple as turning a key), safety and security without compromising any quality. Further, these modern covers are energy efficient and of course highly convenient. They can help reduce the evaporation of the pool during summer and can also be retrospectively fitted to an existing pool, whether we built that pool or not.

Counter Current Systems

These systems have become more and more refined with many systems no longer producing the unpleasant splashing they used to be known for. They are ideal for those swimmers who would like to use their pools for exercise and wellness. They provide variable current speeds to swim against and mean you no longer have to lap or turn around even in the smallest pools.

The modern systems are very discreet, low noise, and can also be retrofitted into many pools.

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