Atoll Construction have specialised in the design, build, and refurbishment of superb swimming pools for over 40 years.


We originally built the pool and building in 2009. Our clients have recently called us back to refurbish the pool and update the décor.

The challenges we faced with this project were that we built the pool and building into the side of the mountain. In order to do this, we had to build a fully structural retaining wall, which was 3 metres wide at the base and 4 metres high.  Drainage had to be installed to take the ground water away. This was all carried out before work on the pool and building could begin. All earth and spoil had to be removed from site through difficult access, a narrow lane.

The pool building is attached to the garage and the house, making it fully integral to the building. This is so convenient for our clients and their guests.

The Build
When we were called back by our clients to refurbish their pool and building we removed their French Doors and replaced them with new duel coloured Bifold doors—light oak externally to match the existing house and white internally.

The position of the steps were changed to the opposite corner, where we built a set of bespoke steps.

We installed a new Badu jet counter swimming unit and colour changing lights.

The refurbishment was completed by replacing the old liner with new on-site welded lining finish, this material is much thicker than the standard liner and will be much more heavy duty and durable. The benefits of on-site lining is that it can be used to line any shape of pool, this was useful in our case to line the bespoke steps with anti-slip material. Another benefit is that you can comfortably run your pool at a higher temperature, up to 32 degrees without any detrimental effect on the expected life of the swimming pool lining.

We replaced the Velux roof windows with the most up to date models, which can be operated with a remote control or by your smart phone.

The pool plant was updated with more efficient equipment, and we installed a new Quantum automatic dosing unit.

The PVC cladding was removed from the walls and replaced these with a fully tiled finish, a perfect choice from our clients, the new grey and white colour scheme is fresh and modern with a touch of luxury.

We used a white coloured UV stabilised resin on the pool surround, this surface is extremely practical and is also nonslip and added a grey stone coping stone around the edge of the pool to compliment the colour scheme.

A new automatic slated pool cover was fitted, this is housed in a wet pit behind the pool. The beauty of this is it’s totally hidden and doesn’t take up any space in the room, the cover appears from a letterbox to cover the pool.

We installed a new floor-standing air conditioning/dehumidification unit with through the wall grill, which means the unit can be housed in the plant room and not take up precious space in the pool room.

The wet room/changing room was also fully refurbished and updated. We supplied and installed new sanitary goods and installed a bespoke tiled cut wet room floor.

Our clients were over the moon with the result of the refurbishment, and they now use their pool every day.






January 18, 2021