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Swimming pool for family fun and to create memories

Our clients are a busy professional couple who travelled extensively but with the arrival of grandchildren their priorities changed and so they decided to invest in a swimming pool for family fun and to create memories.

On our initial consultation we discovered they had been planning an outdoor pool for some time, they had instructed an architect to supply drawings, but they always felt it wasn’t quite right, the location etc.

This is why it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as possible because we can offer valuable expert advice at the earliest of stages, you can then go to an architect knowing exactly what you want, saving  you time and expense.

This is why it’s a good idea to contact us as soon as possible because we can offer valuable expert advice at the earliest of stages

After discussing their requirements, establishing that their priority was a pool they could enjoy with their family and young grandchildren all year round, our clients changed their minds to have an indoor pool.

We initially marked out the pool on the ground to show the size and scale of the pool and building, this is a really useful exercise because in this case the clients decided it blocked the view of their garden so the location of the pool and building were moved to the opposite site of the property.

We had to remove some large conifer trees on the boundary in order to complete the build, we incorporated a root barrier system into the build to ensure the integrity of our swimming pool structure was not affected by tree roots in the future.

The build went really well, the only challenge was the ground water, the ground on site was wet and boggy, we installed a pump to take the water away and installed a drainage system under the lawn to over come this problem.

Most people’s initial conception of a pool is its just a hole in the ground, but there is so much more to it than that!!

For example, in this case the walls of the building had to go down the full depth of the pool on the one side, so there’s as much of the structure under the ground as is visible above the ground.

The clients were brilliant and worked closer with us throughout the entire build, they trusted our advice and designs from the onsite lining to the tiles on the walls, they gave us a brief of what sort of colour scheme they liked and we went away to source the materials.

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