Atoll Construction have specialised in the design, build, and refurbishment of superb swimming pools for over 40 years.
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Concrete/Tiled Pools

A pool that will last for generations

Concrete/Tiled Pools

This is where the luxury build comes in. Our concrete pools are built using a reinforced poured concrete shell. This method of construction not only ensures a pool that will last for generations, but it also means we can offer a huge range of bespoke possibilities.

With this construction option, the limits are more based around the imagination. It can be built to almost any shape or size giving you the flexibility to really make a statement piece on your property.

Luxury is on hand with hardwearing mosaics, a truly massive range of bespoke finishes and a stunning range of possibilities. By choosing Atoll Construction you are choosing over 40 years of experience and group of dedicated craftspeople who’ll be able to help guide you effortlessly through the project from consultation, to design, budgeting, build, and even landscaping and planting.

No sub-contractors, just a team of passionate people who’ll be with you each step of the way to turn your dream into a stunning reality. A reality you’ll use for year after year after year, all backed up with our guarantee and a group of specialists to take care of your pool with you.

Of course, we can help with so much more than just the pool if you’d like us too. Quite uniquely in the industry, we can help shape the landscaping around you pool and design the planting, lighting, paving and more. One point of contact, one team of specialists to help you from start to finish and beyond.

As a guide, mosaic pools start from around £50,000 and usually reach about £150,000 at the higher end. Of course, the options are almost endless, so when we quote, you’ll receive a fully detailed breakdown before any work commences.

If you’d like to talk at any time without any obligation, please get in contact. We’d be happy to talk about your dream project and perhaps help it become a reality…


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